EA Tablet System

The EA Tablet® System is the leading brand of electronic poll book in the United States and is the first tablet based electronic poll book that follows election industry standards.  The EA Tablet System is the third generation of electronic poll book from EA, and includes the EA Tablet mobile app, Synergy, which is the Election Command Center website, and the EA Data Converter, which converts your voter registration data into the EA Tablet database.

Highlights of the EA Tablet System
Universal EA Tablet

  • Best user interface of any electronic poll book
  • Easiest poll worker setup of any electronic poll book – no assembly required
  • Instant Messaging
  • Provisional voter processing
  • Poll worker payroll – poll worker check in/out – process payroll saving the county time and money
  • Voter History and signature upload to over a dozen types of voter registration systems
  • Patented rotating stand – no assembly required
  • Utilizes the highly configurable Android operating system compatible with Windows workstations
  • Compatible rugged Bluetooth printer
  • Prints ballot styles, ballot style QR codes and 1/2D bar codes found in newer voting machine systems
  • Easy and flexible deployment for small, medium, and large jurisdictions – Over the Air (OTA), side load via micro SD, or via network

Security Features of the EA Tablet System

  • Redundant backup of all EA Tablet activity including voter check-in to a memory card
  • 256 AES bit encrypted database keeping your voter registration data secureAndroid-security
  • 2048 bit encrypted transmission of data when using data at the polling place
  • Ability to load one or thousands of units quickly with no internet connection, network, or electricity via memory card
  • Encrypted Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity between tablets when connected at the polling place
  • Fail safe voter history and audit log recovery in case a unit is dropped or broken
  • Features a lock-down mode that secures the tablet, making it a true, one-purpose electronic pollbook
  • PCI Data Security Standard compliant

Click here to view our EA Tablet® Brochure.